We Instill

Life in Living

We ensure that high quality yet innovative products are available and accessible to every needy patient

Quality of Life

Our patient-centered approach ensures a more fulfilling life by creating unparalleled access to newer therapeutics.


Our Commitment


Being versatile, we adopt the best business model enabling us to commercialize at the earliest possible times


Working Towards

Health Equity

By bringing innovative, high quality yet affordable and accessible to every needy patient, we are working for Health equity

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Launching now in INDIA


The leading pharmaceutical company of LATIN AMERICA, Saanso Pharma is founded in 2019 by ably experienced pharmaceutical professionals and is steadily establishing itself as a path-breaking Regional Pharmaceutical Company.

Having access to innovative therapeutics from various global manufacturers that are approved by stringent regulatory agencies like USFDA, EUGMP, KFDA, DCGI, TFDA, MHRA, Saanso is bringing about a paradigm shift in the way patients of Americas suffering from chronic conditions are treated.

Saanso Pharma

SAANSO insignia is an apt interplay of two dots representing the flow of essential component of life ”THE OXYGEN” underlining our commitment to be an indispensible pharmaceutical player that further underline our mission too.

Your Health Our Priority

Connect with Saanso and Clear your query regarding any medicinal products.